Trademark Search

We conduct a trademark search and provide a legal opinion on the legitimacy of your Trade name. A trademark search is advisable before an application is filed with the IP Office so as to minimize chances of duplication with other registered brands.

A search report and legal opinion will be sent to you within one hour. We check the description of the product, the preferred class and the validity of the trademark applications after we receive your confirmation. An application for trademark registration can be filed in a day. A completed requisite form from the client helps us in making the registration procedure easy.

Indian Trademark Application Process

  1. Application for trademark: In India, a trade-mark is registered by filing an application with the trade-marks Registry together with a non-refundable fee of Rs. 4000 for each brand applied for. It is possible to file an application for a trade-mark that is unique and significant.
  2. Initial Examination: The trade mark registrar will carry out a search on trade-mark records to find potentially conflicting similar marks. Search process will take nearly six months. Comments on the trademark will be either “clearly descriptive” or “deceptively miss-descriptive”. Registrar will also check whether the description of the product or services complies with the regulations.
  3. Approval stage: After the trademark search stage and initial confirmation, the trademark will be advertised in the trade-marks journal.
  4. Journal advertising: The brand name information will be published in the trade-marks Journal. Anyone who uses similar trademarks can raise their voice against the trademark at this time. The opposition can file an application with the trade-marks Registry to check the legitimacy of the trademark.
  5. Allowance: If the trade-marks Office receives no conflicting responses within three months of publication in the trade-marks Journal, the registry issues a notice of allowance for the application for registration.
  6. Registration: Once the trademark is registered with the trade-marks Office, they will issue a registration certificate for each duly registered brand name.