Private Limited Company Registration

Private Limited Company Registration

You can become a successful entrepreneur in India by starting a Private Limited Company. Basic requirements of a Private Limited company include minimum two directors, minimum two shareholders and minimum capital investment. By operating as a separate legal entity, a Private Limited company protects the personal assets of its promoters and directors by way of limited liability. Meanwhile, a sole proprietorship or partnership firm has unlimited liability, and personally liable for any business debts/Loss. It is better to start your own company, instead of running a partnership, or a sole proprietorship, as many benefits are associated with it.


Many neglects company registration part as they don’t have much information on the procedures involved in it. Corp Roots is able to guide you on company registration procedures without much teething troubles. Our services allows in registering a company and running it successfully in simple steps. Several steps are involved in the registration procedure, but we are able to provide registration services in an economical and effective way.


Who would choose Private Limited Company?

Private Limited Company is good for those people/or companies, who want to do business without putting personal assets in high risk category. Those who are planning to do business in the country with a long term objective can register their business in the private limited business category and ensure stability, limited liability and great capital combination.


Benefits and key features


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