Design Registration

Design Registration Concept

Let us see some basic details about design registration and its related information

Whats means by a Design

It is something about the shape or configuration or any kind of pattern/ornament or color/combination of colors which has applied to any article in the view of appearance in 2D or 3D forms that is visible to our eye but it should not reveal the construction or the principle used behind the product.

Objective of Design Registration Process

According to the designs Act the goal is to protect the older or newer designs created or which is applied for a particular article in an industry. An article can be purchased based on its function quality price factors and also with the design view, for such purchase design registration helps to reveal the creator or artisan or simply the originator of an article and can be appreciated or rewarded by the people in the surroundings. Main concept is that every article has its own design to get a fulfillment but some may be a copied one or may be unique. Difference of an article with others with the similar purpose is identified by a consumer in accordance with quality or the design of appearance.

Effect of Registration of Design

When a design is get registered it will acquire a recognition named “Copyright” throughout the time period of registration. It is an exclusive rights for the article under a class which is being registered cannot be used by anyone else.

Corproots consultants servicing the Design registration process for all the valuable business people to protect their internal design will have the process stages to be followed. Our complete assistance will be there for the initial stage of application filing to the end of obtaining the certificate.

Design registration process

1. Application Filing process: The applicant has to prepare with the application exact format for the registration of design and file with allocated fee along with that 4 copies of the representations of design. The process of filing application can be proceeded at the Design wing patent office Kolkata or else any other branch offices Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai. Final processing of application is performed at the head office Mumbai alone for the further prosecution

2. Examination There is no such separate examination is requested for the registration of design to be filed in the Indian Patent office. Unlike the way of patent registration, here the application filing is forwarded with the registration design only.

3. Objection notifications From the date of application to the patent office, if there is any change request is received then it has to be corrected within 6 months of time from the date of submission and have to resubmit again for the successive processing.

4. Registration and publication Once the application is completely free of defect optimized then the registration process is carried forward at the patent office. They will issue for the certificate and are allowed to place in the patent’s journal for reference.

5. Terms of protection According to Indian law the registered design has its validity over 10 years from the date of issued and can also be extended for 5 more years by filling application with the prescribed charge.