Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration

This right to the business or any company ensures that their creativity or assets are protected and rewarded comprising the rights for reproduction, public communication, work translation, adaptation.

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In India, Copyrights processes comes under The Copyright Act, 1957. This act protects the creative things already mentioned from the unauthorized users. But there are some concepts cannot be copyrighted like method of operations or procedures, ideas or mathematical calculations. Since it is a bundle of rights like reproduction, adaptation etc. the nature of works produce some variations in the composition of rights.

Copyright Registration process

Application preparation: Based on the information provided by the applicant for the copyright registration of business, Corp root’s copyright expert will prepare application for first.

Application Filing: Once the application is prepared and completed verifying by signing formalities the successive process is to file the application manually or electronically to the copyright registrar

Copyright Registration: After the application filing process the government will start processing on your application for the registration and it may take the time duration of 2 or 3 months

Advantages of Copyright Registration