More About Trademark Registration Status

Trademark Registration Status

More About Trademark Registration Status

Online trade mark registration process for your business is very common and easily followed through various trademark registration consultants in India. Locally available consultants can help you for the entire process which gives you complete protection for the brand name or trade name and business activities. Corproots offers affordable pricing and satisfying service for the trademark registration process for your valuable business. In this article you can get the details about the registered trademark status. Best Trademark registration in Coimbatore is Corproots..

Once you have submitted the trademark application, then the tracking of application and other activities can be performed our expert. Trademark public search is one of the option available in the trademark portal of the government to find out the trademark status. In this article we can learn more about the trademark application status and their meaning as follows:

Trademark status and meaning

  1. TM status- New application

Database is just updated with the new entry of trademark application

  1. TM status- Vienna codification

Vienna codification helps to assign trademark for the applications for the trademark with logo or artwork

  1. TM status- formalities chk pass

It is the status indication that all trademark applications are checked thoroughly for filing and further processing

  1. TM status – marked for exam

Trademark application acceptability is being updated with this status by the examiner

  1. TM status- Objected

Trademark examiner issues an adverse examination report with rights to address the objection

  1. TM Status- Exam report issued

On usual basis the trademark application will be issued in the trademark journal and this status can also mean about any necessary modifications in the trademark application

  1. TM status- Refused

It is the status on response to the adverse report or objection refusal

  1. TM status- Adv. Before accepted

Applicant amendments are still pending TM application can be published

  1. TM Status- Opposed

Third-party opposed the TM application and it should be resolved earlier through the trademark registrar

  1. TM status- Abandoned

It is the stage in which the trademark applicant have not respond to the TM registrar within the time allotted

  1. TM Status- Withdrawn

TM application is withdrawn by the applicant

  1. TM status- Removed

TM application is removed from the TM registry and the mark is no longer trademarked

  1. TM Status- Registered

TM application is accepted and is registered


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