MOA for Private Limited Company

MOA for Private Limited Company

How important MOA for Private Limited Companies:

Memorandum of Association is a basic document and fundamental documents of the company. Board of directors and company should not take any decisions beyond MOA prescribed. MOA can be altered by majority of shareholders with special resolution. But the same time AOA contains bylaws of the company which can alter ordinary resolution time to time. The person who subscribed and sign the MOA become promoters of the company.

The Memorandum describes about your company, by contain the following:


  • Company name: The name should not include sensitive words like corporation, government. And the end of the name should finish with PVT LTD or Limited. Also, it should not be similar to existing name in the register. You can check the name availability by searching the Company Names Index at Ministry of company affairs and the Trade Marks registry. Refer to the companies’ act 2013 for more information.
  • Registered office address: There should be a business address for the company to keep statutory records.
  • Objects of the company: Here is where you describe the object of the company. And the activities should be limitedly mentioned.
  • Limiting the liability of the members: This means the liability of the members is limited to their share held by the company.
  • Share capital: This clause state that the authorized capital and paid up capital and how it divided.


How do you register a Pvt Ltd company in Coimbatore

PVT LTD Company registration made simple through corproots consultants have registered over 5,000 PVT Limited companies and offer a number of online secretarial services especially for first-time formers and new startup companies

Steps to registering a PVT LTD Company in Coimbatore is as follows


  • 1. Decide whether you can register your company by yourself or if you need help of corp roots.
  • 2. Decide on the company Directors and shareholders
  • 3. Choose a unique name
  • 4. File the relevant form and fee with Registrar of Companies
  • 5. Run the business



How do you register a Pvt Ltd company in Bangalore?

If you are looking to register a private limited company, there are three things you need; payment to the Ministry of company affairs, a company name approval and address located within the jurisdiction. This is the address of your company – somewhere to keep all statutory records and to receive ROC and other Government correspondence.

There are several methods of registration of a company. The first is to deal directly with Corp roots. It is lowest cost in Coimbatore, India and fastest registration option and there are well qualified professionals gives guidance on incorporation matters such as filling of forms or company name guidelines.

However, incorporation can be time-consuming, especially if you choose some other consultants, and they will not advise you about specific matters such as the content of the memorandum and articles of the proposed company. If you want other professional support like Trademark Registration, ISO Certification, the experienced hands in Corp roots can help you out.

Finally, you can get after incorporation services like registered office change, Directors change etc., you simply inform us your requirements. The process can be completed within the time limit.