FSSAI Registration Procedures in Coimbatore

FSSAI Registration Procedures in Coimbatore

FSSAI Registration Procedures in Coimbatore

“Abbreviation FSSAI – Food Safety and Standards Authority of India”

Every human have basic needs like Food, Clothing and Shelter. In order to survive, Food and Water are very essential and other things come next to it. The quality and standard of food which we consume play a very crucial role in one’s health and other activities.

FSSAI registration procedures plays an important and crucial role in formulating and controlling procedures for food and its standards.

As, the population is growing, and in fast moving world, all are busy and could not handle the work pressure. The concentration given for the food is very less. Now a days, the quality and the standards which is provided by the manufacturer and the shop keepers is not up to the mark. There are more adulteration in order to increase the quantity and gain profit irrespective of which causes health disadvantages.

  • Maintaining the food quality levels in order to ensure safety and providing satisfaction to every consumer is the main aim of this Food Business Operator.
  • It implements the measures in order to eliminate the toxic and hazardous elements. So that, every consumer should receive an equal level of assurance of food safety. The Public health shall be primary importance

The food safety standards differ from one food to another. But, the aim should be to implement those measures that are necessary for that particular food type. Malpractices like fraud, adulteration and the misleading claims to double cross consumers must be prohibited.

The following are the numerous tasks that are undertaken by FSSAI to ensure food safety.

  • To conduct hazard analysis test to identify hazards and to remove them.
  • Establish critical limits and establish verification procedure.
  • Employees should go through extensive training and should be responsible for right handing of food products.
  • Distributors should check the quality of food articles and should give proper time for advertisement and promotional activities for marketing their business.


Every food business operator involved in the manufacturing, processing, storage, distribution and sale of food products in Coimbatore must compulsorily obtain FSSAI Registration or License.

It is the 14 digit registration or license number which is printed on all food packages.



  • Any Food Business Operator (FBO) with an annual turnover of not more than Rs. 12 Lakhs
  • Petty retailers dealing in food products
  • Any person who manufactures or sells any food article himself.
  • Food sale is done by temporary stall holder
  • Any individual who distributes food in any religious or social gathering except a caterer
  • Small scale or Cottage industries dealing in the food business.

The above Food Business Operators (FBO) are required to be registered under FSSAI.


  1. It is initiated by submitting Form A (Application) to food and safety department.
  2. This application can be accepted or rejected within 7 days from the date of application to the department.
  • If the application is granted means, issue registration certification number and photos of the applicant.
  1. The FBO should prominently display the certificate of registration at the place of business during the business hours

The above registration can be done with the help of agents and apply to the Food and Safety Department

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